Time to get the ol’ scope out…

I added the missing resistor and also found that I had the wires from the midi in socket reversed (probably not good!). Also checked the continuity of all the other connections involved in the midi in but still no joy.

What is annoying is that this same circuit works just fine in my other project. The only difference is , is that I had to directly solder the opto coupler chip to the board this time due to the height limitations of the project box which I hate to do, much better to use a socket. Oh well, next step is to get the old silly scope out and start looking at signals!

If that does not help then I guess I need to redo the interface board and perhaps use a socket this time. I did figure out that I could put the socket and opto coupler on the underside of the board instead of the top. It’ll still work just fine, I’ll just have to think ‘backwards’ or upside down or maybe end both, when wiring it up!


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