I have to declare my latest project a failure. It works fine on it’s own and hooked up to the computer but once I put it on the pedal board and hooked it up to all the other gear, it was just to flaky. The switch (which enables the volume pedal) would simply stop responding which means I cannot actually use the box to do anything.

Oh, what was this thing you ask? A volume control pedal for my Beat Buddy drum pedal that used midi to control the volume.

Like I say, on its own it is fine but I guess all the other signals and electrical noise going through it just cause it to die/stop responding in various ways.

I am still running the development code tough and I know that’s not going to be as fast as the live code because of all the debugging messages in it but even so, it should not be as flaky as it is. No way I can use it live for now.

Oh well, it was a fun little exercise and I learned a lot too.


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