And fail…

Took the new pedal board, complete with BBMVC to an open mic last night. Now it’s been fine practicing at home but at the open mic it totally failed. I am not sure what was going on but it looked like the MIDI from the Hackman (which controls the BeatBuddy drum pedal) was not getting through in spite of checking all the connection and resetting everything. Since this occurred as I was ‘performing’ I was a bit flustered. Trying to debug this sort of thing live is not something that should be attempted. I managed one song, more by luck than good management as the drum pedal just happened to be set to the same tempo as the loop pedal so it sort of worked, except for the stop which went a bit awry because the drum pedal did not get the stop signal from the loop pedal.

At that point I gave up.

Once I got it home I tried it all gain and it was still all very flaky so I’ve removed the BBMVC from my board. Guess I’ll have to revert to bending down to adjust the drum volume for now.

However it has not been a total waste of time. I did learn a heck of a lot and it occurs to me that I think I could incorporate the function into the Hackman as the Hackman is already talking to the BeatBuddy anyway. It’ll make the whole setup a lot simpler as well. I’d just have to add a jack for the pedal to the box, hook it up and merge in the relevant code from the BBMVC into the Hackman code.


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