Fall 2016 TV Show Reviews

Fruit has a season, most grown foods have a season, the weather has seasons but TV! Who knew. no matter, there’s another round of new and not so new shows on TV so I thought I’d review some of those that I have watched, will continue to watch and those that I won’t be watching any more…

Halt and Catch Fire

Love this show but it’s been so long since the last season it’s taken me a while to catch up with all the plot lines. I grew up in this era. When Wozniak was building the first Apple Ones, I was messing around with electronics and similar stuff. The only difference is, is that he had some guy named Jobs to sell it while I didn’t which is why he’s rich and famous and I’m not. I’m pretty sure that had he not had Jobs around he’d be the same as me, just another nerd!

No matter, the show builds on all of that, plus IBM’s dominance in the field around that time and the struggle of the PC based world to break free. Gotta love the Boz character, an old dinosaur struggling to make sense of a world that suddenly changed under his feet. Reminds me of my old dad.


Blue Bloods

I love this show but I think it’s because of the cast more than the story lines. The plots all tend to end up just right in the end. Even when the ending is less than perfect they still seem to make it sound like it came out OK. That aside, the cast can make even the worst story line seem plausible although I doi think Tom Selleck should stop coloring his mustache and either let it go grey or just shave the bloody thing off, been there done that.

While I love the show I do have to think that a family this ‘nice’, especially a family in law enforcement wold have been eaten by the sharks and discarded a long time ago.


Designated Survivor

I thought I’d give this new show a try and so far it looks like it has the potential to be interesting although we’ve already had an early look at the treacherous general looking to undermine his new CIC. That’s a plot line that could be interesting or could become just another highly predicable TV sub plot that should have been drowned at birth. We shall see but I suspect it will be the latter, the ‘bad’ guys are never THAT easy to spot in real life.

As for Kiefer Sutherland as the lead, so far so good. He plays his mild mannered, almost reticent part well. The only ‘glitch’ I’ve seen in that persona is when he had to deal with the Iranian Ambassador and he suddenly becomes this really strong, don’t mess with me, presidential leader, albeit followed by a sigh of relief after the Ambassador had left. That sudden switch in personality was a bit too unrealistic for me but other that, well, we shall see. So far, so good.


The Good Place

Another new one I thought I’d try since I do like a good comedy. Sadly  have to say that this is not a good comedy. In fact I’m not sure it’s a good anything, it’s certainly not in a good place!

Ted Danson was great in Cheers. Since then he seems to have become what I would like to call ‘a parachute’. He seems to have become the actor that the networks bring in when a show is struggling and needs some new blood to save its fortunes. E.G.CSI. It’s bad though when the show starts out like that, you just know it’s doomed.

I’m also not sure who the ‘lead’ actor is in this show, Danson, Kristen Bell who plays the fly in the ointment or Jameela Jamil who plays the obligatory Brit bird (for those of you that don’t speak British slang, a bird is a woman) with an over active larynx.

Basically the show seems to be relying upon every typical (and well worn) humor situation to draw it’s laughs, including the fact that apparently only the top zero point zero one percent of the top zero point zero one percent of all the goody goody people in the world get into ‘the good place’ with the rest of us all going to hell. All seems a bit unfair if you ask me but as far as religion goes, it’s probably as good a theory as any other I’ve ever heard!

For me, the best character in the whole show is the Buddhist Monk that has been paired as the life partner of ‘the talkative one’ (Jameela Jamil). He has this look of “F**k it, if she doesn’t shut up soon I’m gonna kick living crap out of her and screw the fact I might go to hell”. he manages that even though he does not say a word throughout the whole show but every time you see him, he has this ‘deer in headlights’ look on his face.

Off hand I’d give the show (let’s be generous) six episodes before it gets killed off. I’ll never know though because I won’t be watching any more episodes, life is too short and The Good Place is just not good enough for me to spend any more time on it.



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