Gun Follies 2…

So just to be sure, picked up the phone today and spoke with someone about my concerns about the spring. Turns out there is one but it’s on back order (that’s what he told me anyway). Anyway he ordered the part then I asked him to check my other order from the chat session yesterday. Seems that order includes the screw, spring (the one they said did not exist) and even the elevation plate.

I also contacted them via Facebook and the response on there was that the orders I have include everything I need and that I ‘should’ be good to go. I remain skeptical but hopeful that all the parts I need will show up soon and that I’ll be able to get the sights fixed and get back on the range.

I will admit that they have been very responsive, even on the first day back at work after the new year so we shall see how well this all works out.


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