Gun Follies 3…

Bad weather delayed the mail a couple of days but parts arrived yesterday. One screw (that I need), one rear sight elevation plate (that I don’t need) and NO spring. Called them up, seems it was fulfilled (Not sure if that’s the same as shipped!) that day so I ‘should’ have it in a few days (I am hoping so anyway).

I also call again today to see if I could get a screen shot from the gun schematic of how the spring fits under the elevation plate. Seems there’s a notch under there so it goes into that and not (as I would have thought) with the screw through it since putting the screw through it would have locked it into place but I guess it cannot come out unless the screw comes out so I guess it’s good as it is. Anyway, was told they did not have schematic (!!!) but above was explained. Guess we shall see once spring comes and I can get to the gunsmith!

Tell you one thing. I’m putting some lacquer or something on that puppy once it’s back in to keep it in place and stop it backing out!


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