Nothing will happen…

Without wishing to diminish or minimize in any way the horror of the recent school shooting, here’s what will happen in the next few weeks:

  • There will be an outpouring of support for the victims.
  • There will be a wringing of hands and a wailing of grief.
  • There will be a candle light vigil for the victims, maybe even more than one.
  • Questions will be asked about why warnings about the shooter went unheeded.
  • Questions will be asked about how we has able to legally buy the rifle used in the shooting.
  • There will be calls for gun control.
  • Politicians will waffle on without making any commitment to anything resembling action until the next crisis, whatever it may be, looms.
  • Moms against Guns or some other similar organization will claim their two minutes of fame with yet more pointless dialog about whatever.
  • There will be much talk about arming everyone on the planet because obviously, more guns will make us safer (or at least able to fire back, so goes the logic). It also makes you a target but let’s not go there.
  • El Presidente will change course several times, often issuing conflicting statements in the same breath before complaining that it’s not about him and that it’s all fake news.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Whitehouse mouthpiece) will dig an even bigger hole for herself and then (we can only hope) jump into it!
  • The NRA will remain remarkably quiet.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the 2nd amendment, I’m sure there will be calls to repeal that etc.

And then….

Bupkis, nada, ziltch, zero, nothing.
It will gently waft into forgotten history (except for the families of the victims) until the next time when I am sure the news channels will resurrect it and use it to talk endlessly on about how nothing has changed.

I will admit that I will be the first to be surprised (and a little bit more than happy) if something real actually does happen but I’m not holding my breath


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