Personally I think that ‘now’ is what you might call the critical point in the evolution of our knowledge. Of course you could argue that Sir Isaac Newton thought the same thing. In fact you could argue that every ‘age’ has thought itself to be special.

There is though one difference between this ‘now’ and those others and that is the growth of technology. It’s really only in the last maybe fifty or so years that technology has taken off in a way that has enabled technology to itself  increase the rate at which it’s capabilities increase.

Up until the advent of computing power the human race was really just learning to walk in terms of advancing its technological knowledge and ability. Add in the development of the internet and the connections that have occurred since then and today, it’s almost like a mind coming alive.

Realistically speaking we are still pretty much the technological equivalent of a new born child but not none the less, the potential to grow is there and I believe t that the rate of growth will only accelerate.

Of course our ability to create this technology and explore new barriers to knowledge is the result of our intelligence and as I argued previously, what’s the point of intelligence if you don’t use it?

Well, if you don’t believe that there is some ‘creator’. If you believe that all this is just the result of one big fluke accident then really there are no ‘rules’. We have intelligence so why not simply use what ‘chance’ has given us to better or destroy ourselves, since there’s nothing and no reason to stop us from doing either.

If you do believe that there’s ‘something’ out there and that we are here for a reason then, as I have previously argued, why did that ‘something’ give us intelligence unless the intention was for us to use it?

So basically the application of our intelligence it comes down to this:

If there is no ‘god’ then why not?

If there is ‘something’ (call it god if you will) then why are we blessed with the intelligence that we have unless the intention was for us use to it?

Either way it comes down to the simple fact that we have this unique ability to function at the level we do. Notice I am not saying intelligence is unique to us as a race on this planet since it’s obviously not, just that ours is better developed than most. Since we have this gift, either by chance or design, I personally think that we should use it. I am sure we shall make many mistakes along the way, the trick is going to be not to destroy ourselves whilst doing so.

To be continued…


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