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Archos still hanging in there

March 22, 2009

I upgraded the OS on the Archos after the previous error and so far at least it seems to be hanging in there. So far this thing has been less reliable than Windows which is saying something. Just have to see how it goes now.
After it died last night my wife even suggested I drive the car over it. Whats really worrying is that she was serious too, that’s how bad (and frustrating) this thing is. When it works it’s great but it’s a matter of ‘when’ it works!

I’d hate to be someone who knows nothing about computers with this thing though. You’d think a piece of ‘consumer’ electronics would be more user friendly but all I can say from my experience is that if you’re not some sort of computer geek (I am, sad to say) then you’d have no chance with this thing.


I’ve said it before…

March 21, 2009

And I’ll say it again.

DON’T buy an Archos.

We got a 605 wifi for my wife just before Christmas last year. It died before we’d even used it. Got it replaced under the extra warranty we took out (thankfully). New one just died after less than 3 hours use and all I’ve been doing it trying to record some video. Now I get error 102 and it looks like I’ve lost the video I had on it.

Piece of (French) crap.

Just calling it like it is.


February 7, 2009


Buy an Archos video player. We bought one for my wife last year for when she is traveling. It’s not actually been used yet but I was trying to record some TV programs for her this weekend for an upcoming trip and the bloody thing died with what I can only call ‘the white screen of death’.
I managed to get it working after missing half an hour of the program I was trying to record and it lost pretty much everything on there, including wiping the saved videos from the SD card I had in there.

So it’s gone off to be repaired. Thankfully we bought an extended warranty for the thing so no questions asked but it’s a nuisance all the same and if it’s not reliable, what’s the point of it. Seems the error codes (101, 102) it throws is pretty common too.

It’s a shame because it’s a nice unit otherwise and the screen is much easier to see than an iPod Touch, but as I say, if it’s not reliable, what’s the point.

Bloody technology!