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Dear Apple…

September 20, 2013

I really wanted an iPhone 5s.

It’s time I updated my old dumb phone and I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so but it seems that once again your desire to create a ‘buzz’ by artificially creating a supply shortage has put the the consumer (you know, those people that pay your bloody wages) at the back of the line. Sure, a few hardy (and possibly desperate) souls will get one today but for the majority of us, it looks like there’s going to be a wait (and wait and wait and wait…).

I really do have to wonder about a company the size of Apple that cannot create enough devices by launch date to satisfy the expected demand. Either it’s suffers from REALLY bad planning or a management that couldn’t care less about it’s customers; I.E. You and me, especially ME!.

So, I may end up getting one in the end in a few months time, or maybe I’ll just say screw it and go for an Android or even (gasp) a Windows phone because your attitude to we, your customers quite frankly, sucks!



iPhone 5+…

September 12, 2012

OK, so the iPhone 5 has been out for like five minutes now so it’s time for an upgrade.

Were you impressed by the 20% thinner look, the lighter weight, the other insignificant changes? Nahhh, me neither but wait, coming soon…… Drum roll please…..

The i(nvisi)Phone…!


Shown here on the standard iPhone dock you can immediately see that the new i(nvisi)Phone is actually less than one atom thick (or is that thin?), either way it’s a lot less to carry around. And being so light, Apple have been able to make it over 500 times taller AND wider than that old iPhone 5 model meaning the display is just that much more usable. Being so thin, the i(nvisi)Phone utilizes quantum mechanics for it main processing chip and actually consumes a mere fraction of power used by earlier models. Charging utilizes the molecular level vibrations of the atoms in your hand, so just using it ensures that the battery remains fully charged and talk and text time is virtually unlimited.

Sadly still no support for Adobe Flash and the only downside so far has been that the developers put their only working model down on bench and have been unable to locate it since.



It survived…

March 11, 2012

The iPad seems to have survived the OS update but the whole experience was far more stressful than it needed to be.

But of course there’s more. I tried to update the apps. At first it said my Apple ID password was invalid (WTF!) but eventually it took it, then it promoted my to agree to new terms and conditions half a dozen times (OK, it was actually only THREE times) which makes me wonder if there were ‘just making sure’ I did actually agree, not that you have any choice really since you cannot access the store if you don’t. Is it really an ‘agreement’ if you have no choice?

Anyway, it’d doing it’s thing now and updating them.

Like I say, love the device but all the Apple stuff around it (not the Apps, they are great) annoys me enough to seriously consider something else in the future.

More ‘fun’ with iTunes…

March 11, 2012

So I plugged the iPad in again and had another go at updating it. Eventually I figured out that I appear to have TWO app store ids or Apple IDs (I’m not sure what they are really!).
Now bear in mind I started out with ONE id for (I think) the app store a long time ago and it was fine. Then Apple forced my to create an Apple ID which, so far as I knew was just an alternative to the one I already had. In other words, as far as ‘I’ was concerned I had ONE account with Apple, albeit with two IDs now but somehow linked together internally.

That’s what I ‘thought’ I had. By pure chance I went to the Apple ID page on the Apple web site and my browser filled in my other id instead (not the one I’d been trying to reset). Of course I could not remember the password for that one either so I reset it to be the same as the other one (I won’t forget it this time! Ha ha, sure I will…).

Then I tried transferring the apps. Still no go so I authorized the new account to this computer. Now bear in mind that as far as ‘I’ am concerned I have ONE account with Apple. It only has TWO identities because ‘they’ forced my to create a second one. But now, iTunes says I have TWO computers authorized out of my maximum of 5.
I have NO idea what that means. As far as ‘I’ am concerned I have TWO accounts maybe (actually to me, two versions of the SAME account). I still have the SAME iPad plugged in and I’m still sitting at the SAME physical PC I was before so where does it get the notion that I have TWO computers authorized. Beats me. Just a piece of crap!

Anyway, it did at last transfer all my apps and is now updating the OS. We’ll see what happens when it’s done but at this stage, I don’t have high hopes for it!

Love my iPad, HATE iTunes…

March 11, 2012

I rarely plug my iPad into my PC because I never know what the hell it is going to do and fear it will wipe out all my apps (I’ve had that happen with the iPod before now).
So today there’s a new iOS version out. Great, I’ll update the iPad, so plug it in to the PC and iTunes starts and that’s about the end of the ‘good’ part of the experience.

I try to update the OS. It says there are apps on my iPad that are not in my iTunes library. Now I have NO f**king idea what that means, after all, I bought the bloody things on the iPad using the app store. The message says I should transfer them to my library in iTunes but is there any indication of how to actually do that? NO! Is there a help button on the popup dialog box that tells me this? NO! I am left to struggle. Apple fail!

After some digging around on t’internets I found how to do it so I tried it. Now it says I cannot copy some of the apps because my computer is not ‘Authorized’. Again, No help, no help button. Apple Fail!

More trawling on t’internets and I’ve figured to how to ‘authorize’ my computer but now (and this is another source of frustration and annoyance to me) it wants my Apple ID.

Now when I first stared with the Apple lark I had a userid for the app store that, so far as I know worked just fine in iTunes. But then some bright spark at Apple decided that we all needed Apple IDs as well. The problem is, I could remember my old app store userid and password just fine. NEVER had a problem. But can I remember either my Apple ID or the ruddy password. Can I f**k!

So every time I have to spend half a ruddy hour trying to remember the ID and then get the password reset. And of course I cannot use one of ‘my easy to remember’ passwords because I’ve used them before so I have have to use something new which means that next time I try this I won’t be able to remember it, and then I’ll have to go through all this crap again!

Anyway, eventually I got my password reset, go into iTunes, ‘authorize’ the computer, try the app transfer again and it STILL WON’T F**KING DO IT!

At this point I have unplugged the iPad, said ‘f**k it’ to the iOS upgrade and decided to vent my frustration out on here!

I love my iPad, I really do. I love my iPod too. But to be honest, iTunes SUCKS!

Will anything ever change? Unlikely but at least I feel better now, although my iPad still is not updated! So Apple, should you ever read this, I’d like to point out that there’s bugger all point in releasing a new iOS version if you make it so hard for me to upgrade to it that I am not going to bother.


March 2, 2011

Wanna a buy a slightly used, one year old iPad, real cheap?

Apple just brought out the iPad  2 (no marks there for innovative naming), faster, better and well, faster and better (or so they would have us believe).

So, did you rush out to buy the first generation iPad a little while ago? Sucker!

Me, I’ll wait for the iPad 3 (or 4 or whatever) or a decent Android powered tablet (because Micro$oft has wasted enough of my time trying to fix their ‘operating systems’) or maybe I’ll just stick with being a Luddite when it comes to pads and tablets. Cool, yes but who ‘really’ needs one? Not me!

You’re doing it all wrong…

June 25, 2010

As if it’s not bad enough to fool a vast percentage of the population into thinking it was actually worth while camping out overnight and spending hours in line in order to get hold of the new iPhone, Apple has added insult to injury (brought on no doubt by heat stroke from standing in the hot sun for hours on end whilst waiting in line) by essentially telling it’s customers that they are too stupid to actually use the device.

Let’s face it, how hard is it to hold a phone to your ear?

Well according to Apple, we’ve been doing it wrong for all these years. Apparently there is a ‘correct’ way to hold the iPhone. Do it wrong and it does not work too well. Do you think Apple is going to admit this is a design flaw? No way! It’s much better to insult you customers and call them stupid since that does not cut into profits by having to have a massive recall one day after your product launch.

It must be great to live in Steve’s world!

I have to wonder at some people…

April 6, 2010

Why would you pay $700 for something you can get for $499?

Apple Store:

eBay Auction:

Archos again…

April 15, 2009

My wife turned it on today. Dead again! So she took it back to the shop. Thank god we took out that warranty. So off it’s gone again to be ‘repaired’. It seems that after this fiasco occurs three time we can get our money back.

And the Apple store is just around the corner too.


February 26, 2009

No wi-fi near my office at work so I cannot play with my new toy.
Oh well, have to do some work instead.

New Toy

February 26, 2009

I finally succumbed and went to the dark side, although only part way. I still refuse to pay stupid prices for a Mac but I did get myself an iPod Touch. Pretty cool.