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And at the other end of the spectrum…

January 11, 2011

There is Delta Airlines. Yes I know I bitched about not being able to get through and the misleading phone message when everything was shut down because of the weather but you know what, they made up for it BIG TIME.

Not only were they helpful, friendly and understanding on the phone, the staff at the airport and on the planes themselves were equally helpful.
BUT, they then went above and beyond. Because my wife had spoken to them about the need for her trip (mother ill) after she got back to the US, a box arrived yesterday full of goodies (cookies, popcorn etc) along with a card that basically said “Hope your mother is OK and thanks for flying Delta”

How awesome is that. A company that actually cares.

I guess that is why Delta will get our business next time and Yamaha/Sam Ash won’t be getting mine!


Roland comes through…

September 27, 2010

Received an email today from their customer support manager letting me know that they had pulled the part from another unit and are shipping it to me.

I certainly appreciate them making the effort for me and I have to say thank you for their efforts. Hopefully the part will arrive quickly and I can get my Lucina back up to spec. I shall however take special care from now on NOT to drop the dang thing!

Fair’s fair…

June 18, 2010

Just got of the line with AT&T customer service and I think that is is only fair that I praise them for an excellent job. The young lady that I spoke with did an excellent job of resolving my issues with my account after last weeks messing around with upgrades. Even called Best Buy for me to check on some stuff they needed to verify.

That saved me another trip to Best Buy and another wait whilst stuff got sorted. In the end, personal service won out of the online sort.

The benefits of online ‘service’…

June 14, 2010

Between them, AT&T and Samsung are really pissing me off right now.


I want to connect my new phone to my pc. Needs some USB drivers and ‘maybe’ some software (PC Studio or something). I downloaded the drivers via a link on the included CD (good job I got t’internets isn’t it!) but, NO instructions. Nothing in the user manual (also a download!). No useful help on their website.

I have emailed them in the vain hope I will get some help but based on their web experience, chances are not good. We shall see.


Trying to login to my account…

“The web server you are trying to access is unavailable”

  1. what’s a web server?.
  2. I have no idea which web server I am trying to access.
  3. I don’t bloody care either!

Do they only have ONE?

Hey guys. Nothing pisses a customer off faster and creates really bad PR than really, really crap customer service. Have you not been watching the BP fiasco?

Don’t mess with my wife….

August 3, 2009

I was unable to get the touchpad drivers to work correctly on the Acer laptop so I ended up having to do a factory restore. This after wasting several hours fighting stupid Vista.
At this point (it’s close to midnight) I have had enough so we decided to give up on it and return the laptop to Compusa.
Now Compusa has a 15% restocking fee policy which I think is fair if you just decide you don’t want something and want to return it, after all they cannot sell open box items for the same price as original.
But it was our opinion that the product was defective. Was it Vista, some third party driver of the laptop itself? I have no idea and I don’t really care. I bought a package, I want it to work correctly and having to reinstall everything after a week of use (losing everything on the machine in the process) is not my idea of reliable, nor usable.
Now to be fair, Compusa did say that they would try to fix it, or return it to Acer to be fixed but that’s not the point. After less than a week we were having problems. In my book that’s broken out of the box and we don’t believe we should pay a restocking fee.

So, my wife, being my wife find the CEO of the parent company of Compusa and emails him (along with about 20 other execs in the company).
First we get an email from him and it had a phone number on it. My wife (being my wife) just phones him up, explains the situation and he agrees to have the store refund EVERYTHING.

Now it has to be said that the store manager was not happy about this (you’d think it was his personal money). He want to check on this. While he’s doing so (calling the same guy my wife has spoken to), SHE calls the CEO back just to explain what’s going on! Manager has to leave a message. One up to my wife.
So she gets all the money back (several hundred dollars).

Now I have to say that I still think the Acer laptop was a good machine. I suspect most of the problems were caused by Vista (It even ‘lost’ the DVD drive at one point) but I bought a complete solution, not a bunch of parts and having wasted enough hours trying to get it to work correctly, enough is enough.
I also think that Compusa (or their parent company Systemax) did right by us in the end and I’d like to thank them for it although I suspect that had it not been for my wife’s efforts to contact them I am sure that we would have been fobbed off with the replace it or take the 15% restocking fee policy.

We were going away for a couple of days tomorrow, but the stress from all this (for both of us) has killed that idea. We now hope to go away for the weekend instead though and god knows, we need a holiday after all this.

When this store was a tiger direct store I used to be able to just take stuff back (even opened) and get my money back, no questions asked. now it’s a Compusa store it looks like they have become just another big box retailer that sells stuff then want to wash their hands of any responsibility to the customer.
While in our case they did the right thing I am pretty sure that for most people out there the same would not happen.

A Thank You to British Airways

April 11, 2009

My wife is returning from the UK tomorrow (Sunday). Her first flight is from Manchester to Heathrow and she only has a little over an hour to get off the first plane, change terminals, get through security etc and Heathrow is the size of a small city so changing terminals is a long trek and it took her 15 minutes to get OFF the plane on her outbound trip because she was at the back.

So yesterday she called me to see if I could get her a seat on the first flight near the door so she could get off the plane quickly and be on her way. She tried doing it in the UK but it seems like everyone has gone on vacation for the Easter hols, hence the call for me to try here in the US.

Now bear in mind that BA’s policy is that (for regular plebs like us) you can only book your seat 24 hours before departure. That meant 8:15 AM UK time today (Sat) and although you can do it online (remember everyone’s gone on vacation for the Easter) my wife does not have easy access to a computer.

So, I call, I explain about the time issue and changing terminals etc; and get the usual can’t do anything until 24 hours before, go online, that’s our policy, etc, etc.

I call again, get a different person but same story.

I call again. I get a different person but this guy was SO helpful. He found a seat near the front door and let me book it for her so now my wife is so far up front, any further forward and she’d be flying the plane.

So, I’d just like to say a big thank you to that guy (and I’m sorry but I’ve forgotten your name) at British Airways for actually taking time to help a customer instead of just spouting the company line.

In the end it’s treating the customer like a person instead of a dollar bill that that makes the difference between a one time customer and a repeat customer, and I think that in the current economic climate a lot of companies might do well to realize that.