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I have to wonder at some people…

April 6, 2010

Why would you pay $700 for something you can get for $499?

Apple Store:

eBay Auction:



April 8, 2009

The most frustrating part about selling stuff on eBay is seeing loads of people watching your stuff but nobody bidding on it.

I mean, how can it be that there is no one that needs a single (go) kart wheel and tire. I’d have though it was the sort of thing every man needs as a talking point and it’d make a great and novel plant pot too.

I’m back, complete with junk…

April 4, 2009

Although I doubt anyone really noticed that I’d even gone away. Had a dose of the flu and felt generally crappy and not in the mood to post even more drivel on here, which is probably a good thing, some might say.

So back to more mundane things I guess. Been having a clean out of my ‘office’ which is really just a bedroom converted into my personal man cave (read slum!). However it’s finally reached even my grot level so it’s time to have a clear out. I’ve been attacking the wardrobe which has been acting as a storage locker for all sort of stuff, anyone want a single go cart wheel!. Yes, it’s that sort of stuff and it’s time for a lot of it to go so I’ve been doing my eBay thing tonight.

One man’s junk is well, another man’s junk I suppose but so long as someone pays me for it, who cares! It’s either that or the trash which seems such a waste, some of this stuff is valuable (I hope!).