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Formula 1 – Not what is used to be…

March 16, 2014

So I watched the first race of the new season this morning thanks to the wonders of digital video recording and at first I thought “not a bad race” but the more I thought about it afterwards the more I began to think that it’s no longer not so much about the drivers but more about the technical abilities of the teams. After all, Sebastian Vettel is a four time (in a row) world champion and yet he went out early in the race, as did Lewis Hamilton, another world champion. In both cases it was not the driver that cause the retirement but rather the machinery.

F1 has really become akin to watching Russia and the USA try to upstage each other during the height of the cold war. The only difference being that in F1, world domination by one side will not result in nuclear Armageddon (I hope!) so while at first it looks exciting because of all the uncertainty the new regulations have caused, ultimately it’s a bit like watching twenty two high powered washing machines battle it out. All in all, pretty boring.

There’s no doubt there are some awesome drivers out there and it’s great to see new faces in the pack and doing well as well but for the past few years it’s been a battle of tire (or tyre if you are English) strategy more than anything else and now, for the time being at least, tires seem to have taken a back seat to the mechanical issues the cars seem to be having. All this of course, leaves me wondering just what contribution the drivers really have any more.  Of course we all want to see our favorite teams and drivers do well and I’m sure there are a few people in the world relieved that Red Bulls domination does not look so certain this year but overall I suspect that the series has become more of a technical race that is won in the design studio more than about anything that happens on the track. The track is really just the ultimate test bed for all the engineer’s hopes and dreams.

I’m sure that I’ll keep watching the races for a while at least and I hope that all the technical issues even themselves out across all the teams so that the true spirit of the race, the drivers, can shine and maybe even actually race on an even playing field but overall I am not hopeful. Sadly I suspect it will continue to be a war of technology more than anything else with one or two teams (with money) dominating everyone else. At that point the FIA will have to come up with yet another set of rule changes to even the playing field which really just perpetuates the issue of the series being more about technology than racing.


Goodbye Mark…

November 24, 2013

Mark Webber officially ended his F1 career today with a 2nd place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix. He may not have been the greatest driver in the world and his starts were often pretty terrible but he has been a good steady driver that probably gave more to the sport off track then he did on track. I think Formula One will miss him, for a few days at least. Perhaps I should start following the Porche Le Mans team as Mark starts a new (and I hope long) career there.


Love this as Mark says ‘to hell with the Rules’ and removes his helmet during the cool down lap after his last race. After all, what are they going to do, give him a ten place penalty for his next F1 start!

Webber and Vettel – Japanese F1

October 13, 2013

Cool screen capture from the TV of Webber leading Vettel in the Japanese Formula One race today.


Abu Dhabi F1…

November 4, 2012

I have to say that was an awesome race by Vettel. Sure he had some luck as well with the safety cars but even so you don’t get from last to third without trying!

On the other hand, as much as I have tried to support Webber in his efforts, I think he’d be better of getting out of the car and walking around the track. He’d probably get a faster start that way. What’s the point of doing well in qualifying to just throw it all away at the start?

Iran and F1

September 7, 2011

I see that Iran is trying to get into the Formula 1 game by building a circuit – Mehr News.

Let’s hope that Bernie Ecclestone has more sense than to take his circus show there. What would be next, North Korea?

And if I were an F1 driver, I’d refuse to go to any race held in Iran. There are some things that are not worth selling your soul for even it it cost me the drive. Maybe that’s why I am not an F1 driver!


March 8, 2011

I am sure we will be seeing more shots like this throughout the 2011 season.

Mark Webber during testing 3/8/11

Red Bull and F1

November 11, 2010

If you follow Formula 1 racing then you will know that both Red Bull drivers are in contention for the drivers championship but that Alonso who drives for Ferrari is now leading the championship. There’s also not a great deal of love lost between the two red Bull drivers with Vettel being the better driver right now whilst Webber has led the championship pretty much all season. In reality it is Webber’s championship to lose and has been for a while.

Now in spite of all this and the fact that if Vettel commits to helping Webber then Red Bull ‘could’ have both the constructor’s championship (which they already have won) AND the driver’s championship, the team leads have said they will not direct the drivers one way or the other. I.E. No team orders, which technically are not allowed anyway but you know how that goes after the Ferrari debacle that funnily enough gave Alonso the lead in the championship.

So here’s my thought for the day. The Red Bull slogan (on all the teams overalls and shirts) is “Red Bull gives you wings”. Apparently it also makes you as dumb as a rock. Who but a complete idiot would risk losing the prestige of having the F1 drivers champion in their car at the end of the season to another team (Ferrari in this case) over something like ‘team orders’ when we all know the teams do it anyway to some extent.

Maybe it’s because Red Bull so blatantly favors Vettel (being German and RB being Austrian owned) over Australian Webber and have made that patently clear throughout the season and would rather see the championship go to Alonso in the Ferrari than to Webber if Vettel cannot win it.

Just plain dumb in my book. Of course you can bet there will be ‘some’ sort of team orders or ‘agreement’ within the Red Bull team before the race but publicly that are making themselves look just plain stupid.

I knew there was a reason I don’t drink Red Bull (or any of those so called energy drinks. If you need them to function then there’s something wrong with your life).

Personally I hope Webber wins then he can give the execs at Red Bull the finger but in reality I think that based on his current performance, for Webber to win he will need Vettel’s help.

The final race of the season should be an interesting one.

Whipping boy

May 31, 2010

Sad to say but I think that after the Red Bull debacle in the Turkish Grand Prix, Webber is going to become the scapegoat. I can’t blame Vettel for wanting to be first but that move Against ateam mate that was in first place was just pain dumb so I’m really rather glad that he ended up with diddly squat whilst Webber at least got on the podium, albeit in third place instead of first.

Given the difference in points now in the driver’ championship between Webber (on 93) and Vettel (on 78) it’ll be interesting to see if the team really does stand behind Webber now.