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The benefits of online ‘service’…

June 14, 2010

Between them, AT&T and Samsung are really pissing me off right now.


I want to connect my new phone to my pc. Needs some USB drivers and ‘maybe’ some software (PC Studio or something). I downloaded the drivers via a link on the included CD (good job I got t’internets isn’t it!) but, NO instructions. Nothing in the user manual (also a download!). No useful help on their website.

I have emailed them in the vain hope I will get some help but based on their web experience, chances are not good. We shall see.


Trying to login to my account…

“The web server you are trying to access is unavailable”

  1. what’s a web server?.
  2. I have no idea which web server I am trying to access.
  3. I don’t bloody care either!

Do they only have ONE?

Hey guys. Nothing pisses a customer off faster and creates really bad PR than really, really crap customer service. Have you not been watching the BP fiasco?


Archos again…

April 15, 2009

My wife turned it on today. Dead again! So she took it back to the shop. Thank god we took out that warranty. So off it’s gone again to be ‘repaired’. It seems that after this fiasco occurs three time we can get our money back.

And the Apple store is just around the corner too.