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iPhone Wireless Charging…

April 29, 2016

Now that I can get pictures and videos off my iPhone without plugging it in to the PC thanks to the Photo Sync app I wrote about earlier I decided to give wireless charging a go. My phone sits on my desk most of the day so it’s just as easy to have it sit on a wireless charging station instead.

I decided to go with the iQi Mobile wireless receiver for the phone and the Incipio Ghost 110 for the base charging unit.


I have an Otterbox defender case for my iPhone so my main concern was would it work with this case? First off I put it next to the phone inside the internal plastic case. Did not appear to work. So I removed the case and just tried it next to the phone. Still no action. It seems it has to be the ‘right way around’ so I turned it around and voila, it works. So I put the case back on. Nope, not working although maybe I did not leave it long enough on the charger but it did not look like it was working even though I moved it around a bit.

So I moved the receiver so that it now sits between the inner plastic case of the Otterbox and the rubber exterior case. Tried it again and it works just fine.

Having left it to charge for a little while I think this is probably the better option anyway since the receiver seems to get quite hot so being a little further away from the phone and insulated by the plastic case is probably a good thing.

But so far, so good!




Dear Apple…

September 20, 2013

I really wanted an iPhone 5s.

It’s time I updated my old dumb phone and I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so but it seems that once again your desire to create a ‘buzz’ by artificially creating a supply shortage has put the the consumer (you know, those people that pay your bloody wages) at the back of the line. Sure, a few hardy (and possibly desperate) souls will get one today but for the majority of us, it looks like there’s going to be a wait (and wait and wait and wait…).

I really do have to wonder about a company the size of Apple that cannot create enough devices by launch date to satisfy the expected demand. Either it’s suffers from REALLY bad planning or a management that couldn’t care less about it’s customers; I.E. You and me, especially ME!.

So, I may end up getting one in the end in a few months time, or maybe I’ll just say screw it and go for an Android or even (gasp) a Windows phone because your attitude to we, your customers quite frankly, sucks!


You’re doing it all wrong…

June 25, 2010

As if it’s not bad enough to fool a vast percentage of the population into thinking it was actually worth while camping out overnight and spending hours in line in order to get hold of the new iPhone, Apple has added insult to injury (brought on no doubt by heat stroke from standing in the hot sun for hours on end whilst waiting in line) by essentially telling it’s customers that they are too stupid to actually use the device.

Let’s face it, how hard is it to hold a phone to your ear?

Well according to Apple, we’ve been doing it wrong for all these years. Apparently there is a ‘correct’ way to hold the iPhone. Do it wrong and it does not work too well. Do you think Apple is going to admit this is a design flaw? No way! It’s much better to insult you customers and call them stupid since that does not cut into profits by having to have a massive recall one day after your product launch.

It must be great to live in Steve’s world!

New toy on my ‘want’ list…

January 11, 2010


Interesting iPhone Emulator and Dev platform

November 17, 2009

Why would you NOT want publicity?

October 6, 2009

In an earlier post I had a link to a you tube video of an iPhone app called Bionic Eye. Since then that video has been removed because of copyright violations but I have to wonder why.

Isn’t the whole point of the concept of viral marketing to get your video out there and have lots of people post it and talk about it? Why would you not want publicity?

Beats me how some of these companies survive at times.

Iphone Emulator for Windows

September 5, 2009

While I am on the topic of iPhone (and iPod Touch) web development, if you use Windows then iBBDemo is a very capable emulator that you can use to test your iPhone and iPod Touch web apps.


Of course you can also install Safari on your Windows machine as well, but iBBDemo is great for capturing screen casts that have the look and feel of an iPhone.

JQTouch Tutorial

September 5, 2009

Really good tutorial on getting started with JQTouch by Jonathan Stark.

Windows Desktop on an iPod Touch (or iPhone)

May 12, 2009

Some things are a triumph of technology over common sense and this is definitely in that class, although I do have an ulterior motive that I’ll write about in a later post.

It’s actually remarkably easy to do. First, go to and download the free VNC server and install it on your windows box and configure it. For my initial testing I have not got any security but it’s all behind my firewall and on a separate laptop so it’s all pretty secure anyway.

Then go to the Ipod App store and install Mocha VNC Lite. The lite version is free. You can read about it here

Enter the IP address of you windows machine into mocha and hit connect and if you are lucky, you will see your windows desktop on you iPod screen.

You may have to tweak your firewall settings (if you have a firewall setup on your windows box) to let Mocha connect to to the windows machine but other than that it was all pretty straight forward.

Usability is not great and I cannot reduce the screen resolution on my laptop without the fonts going all screwy but I suspect it will be enough for my needs at this point. You can at least grow the desktop in the same way that you can with a web page on the iPod to make it more readable although you then end up having to scroll around the screen to see it all but like I said, I think this will be enough for my needs right now.

Here’s the beastie in action!


Cool huh!