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Get your iPad Now…

January 28, 2010

My solution:


JQTouch Tutorial

September 5, 2009

Really good tutorial on getting started with JQTouch by Jonathan Stark.

More on Connecting the iPod to Windows

May 14, 2009

About a million years ago (actually 2005) I wrote a visual basic application. Yeah, I know, who uses VB these days but I have the VB6 product and some books and I can just about write windows apps in vb so it works for me (and it’s cheap since I already have everything and I’m nothing if not cheap, ask my wife!).

So what I am trying to do is to control that app from my iPod hence the earlier post about using vnc to get to the desktop.

Since then I have discovered ‘web apps’ for the iPod and some wonderful component called iUI that makes it pretty easy to make web pages look like native iPod and iPhone applications.

So now I am looking at how to embed a web server into my vb application so that it can be controlled from the iPod. It does not have to be very fancy either, or even multi threaded. Unfortunately all the commercial plug in controls that I have found as way too expensive so looks like I am going to have to make my own. I’ve found a couple of simple examples I might be able to use and I’ve done similar stuff before on other platforms so it should not be too hard.

Easy come, easy go. 2

May 11, 2009

The Archos is gone. Kudos to Wolf camera, they refunded not only the purchase price of the unit itself but also the cost of the additional base unit that we’d bought and part of the cost of the extended warranty as well.

We have a friend who has an Archos but it has the hard drive, not the solid state drive and he loves it and I’m sorry, we really did try to make the thing work for us but in the end it was just too unreliable.

So after returning that, my wife went upstairs in the mall to the Apple shop and bought an iPod touch instead.

How to waste two days

May 10, 2009

Ever since I got my iPod touch I have wanted to try doing some programming for it but you need a mac to do that as the development kit only works on a mac. Well I’m not about to pay apples stupid prices (yet) just to ‘try’ something so I decided to try to build a ‘hackintosh’ which is basically a normal PC with a hacked version of the mac OS X on it.

I had an old PC with an AMD CPU in it so step one was to get a version of the OS that would run on an AMD chip. I found a site called rapidshare which, despite the name is anything but. Well, you can pay four and a half Euros for a 3 day membership to get premium service but otherwise you can only download one file every 15 minutes or so and the download speed is sloooooooooow!

Nevertheless, after a day or so I had all the files I needed which I was able to combine into the necessary dvd iso image.

So next I had to burn the image to a DVD. Unfortunately my very old computer came with very old burning software and after three tries I still had not managed to make a bootable dvd. Then I found out about a command line utility from microsoft called burndvd. Downloaded that and hey presto, one bootable cd. Another few hours wasted.

In the meantime I discovered that my old PC only had a CD drive, not a DVD drive. Waste another couple of hours swapping out the drive for an old DVD drive I had lying around (being a hoarder pays off sometimes!).

Finally, I get to try to install the mac os. Get kernel panic almost right away!. Mmmmm, not good. some research reveals that the cpu must support something called SSE2. Went off and downloaded cpuid and wasted another couple of hours trying to get it onto the old PC because it’s not on my network before I found the kid had some CD’s lying around so I burnt it to one of those to get it only the PC.

Finally I ran it and discovered that my chip (a Socket A chip) does not have SSE2 so after ALL that, my hacked up hackintosh was never going to work.

I could go (to tigerdirect aka compusa these days) and buy an el cheapo pc for a couple of hundred bucks and try it on that but if it does not work, all I have is a PC I don’t really need.

Alternatively I could bite the bullet and buy a ruddy mac mini but that’s going to put me back $600 or so and it’s still just another computer that I don’t really need. Remember I am just doing this to ‘try’ this stuff out at this point and $600+ is an expensive way to ‘try’ something. Plus there’s other stuff I’d rather spend my money on right now!

I cannot even go and just buy an older mac because the iPod dev kit requires an intel based mac which limits me to pretty much the current crop of (expensive) macs.


So the search continues for a cheap way to try a mac


What really gets me is that when Microsoft (or anyone else for that matter) tries to ‘lock you in’ to their product set everyone complains but when Apple do it, it seems to be fine. So much for consumer protection.

Archos again…

April 15, 2009

My wife turned it on today. Dead again! So she took it back to the shop. Thank god we took out that warranty. So off it’s gone again to be ‘repaired’. It seems that after this fiasco occurs three time we can get our money back.

And the Apple store is just around the corner too.

Love and Hate

February 27, 2009

OK, let me say up front that I  really do like my new iPod touch. However one thing that’s always put me off Apple stuff is the price. Because it’s pretty much a monopoly they can charge stupid prices for their stuff and say it’s because of the ‘cool’ design.

Take for example the iPod Touch dock adapter. A pretty impressive sounding name. However it turns out it’s a piece of white molded plastic that fits the bottom of the iPod so that it’ll fit docks that weren’t made for it.


From the Apple store, $9 (that’s NINE dollars) for a pack of three (can’t just buy one!).

Maybe it’s because it’s white, I don’t know but come on, three bucks each for a bit of molded plastic. Steve Jobs must be laughing all the way to the bank.


February 26, 2009

No wi-fi near my office at work so I cannot play with my new toy.
Oh well, have to do some work instead.

New Toy

February 26, 2009

I finally succumbed and went to the dark side, although only part way. I still refuse to pay stupid prices for a Mac but I did get myself an iPod Touch. Pretty cool.