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****** Archos…

April 14, 2009

Wife takes the Archos into the shop to be repaired again. Guy turns it on aaaaaaaaaand ……… It’s fine…….. What the heck!


I took a look at it tonight and it’s definitely been dead because the wallpaper I had set is gone and so are lot of other stock things that had been there before such as the default wallpapers and some stuff in an ‘info’ folder which is now empty.


Even when it was working she only managed to watch it for about an hour before the battery died so not exactly great battery life there.


Just got wait for it to die again now, then it’s going back (again!).



April 8, 2009

The most frustrating part about selling stuff on eBay is seeing loads of people watching your stuff but nobody bidding on it.

I mean, how can it be that there is no one that needs a single (go) kart wheel and tire. I’d have though it was the sort of thing every man needs as a talking point and it’d make a great and novel plant pot too.

I’m back, complete with junk…

April 4, 2009

Although I doubt anyone really noticed that I’d even gone away. Had a dose of the flu and felt generally crappy and not in the mood to post even more drivel on here, which is probably a good thing, some might say.

So back to more mundane things I guess. Been having a clean out of my ‘office’ which is really just a bedroom converted into my personal man cave (read slum!). However it’s finally reached even my grot level so it’s time to have a clear out. I’ve been attacking the wardrobe which has been acting as a storage locker for all sort of stuff, anyone want a single go cart wheel!. Yes, it’s that sort of stuff and it’s time for a lot of it to go so I’ve been doing my eBay thing tonight.

One man’s junk is well, another man’s junk I suppose but so long as someone pays me for it, who cares! It’s either that or the trash which seems such a waste, some of this stuff is valuable (I hope!).

What a piece of junk

March 30, 2009

Another sad episode in that piece of junk called an Archos. My wife is in the UK and it just died on her again with a corrupted system. There’s no way she is going to be able to recover it, nor should she have to since it should not be crashing at all. It’s supposed to be a piece of consumer electronics.