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Live Writer

April 14, 2009

One thing I’ve just noticed with Live Writer is that the list of recently published posts is NOT blog specific. This means that if I switch blogs, and yes, I have more than one but this is the only one full of drivel. At least I hope it is! but anyway, if I switch blogs the recent post list still contains recent posts from the other blogs.

Bit confusing!

Come on MS, fix that. Otherwise I quite like Live Writer.


Live Writer and Post Layouts

April 12, 2009

One difficulty I have found with Live Writer is formatting the layout of posts. If I add pictures as I was doing in my previous post on TVnima and want to format in a particular way I found that the way it appears on the blog page and the way Live Writer presents it are not the same. In particular the way text wraps around pictures is confusing and inconsistent.

The Live Writer preview shows it the same as the Live Writer editor screen but after publishing it, the text will wrap slightly differently around the pictures.

Not a big deal but slightly annoying.

It’s still faster then the WordPress online editor though so I think I can live with it.



I just viewed my blog in IE and it’s fine so I guess the formatting issue is down to the differences between Firefox which is my default browser and IE.

Liking Live Writer

April 11, 2009

I must say I am liking Live Writer so far. It seems to keep track of my recent posts, at least from this computer, although it retrieves the content from the blog itself when editing so it does not get out of step with what is actually out there if you decide to edit something and you made a change via the web interface say.

It’ll be interesting to see how it copes if I also run it on my work PC as well but so far, so good.

For once it’s nice to actually have something good to say about a Microsoft product.

Trying Windows Live Writer

April 10, 2009

I’ve noticed a few people at work using Windows Live Writer for their blog posts and to be honest I find the wordpress editing interface a bit slow at times which makes it annoying to use, especially the main editing page. That means I try to avoid having to edit anything and just use the quick publish panel whenever I can. All that Web two pointy oh stuff it loads I guess.

So I though I’d try this Live Writer Stuff. Reviews by users at work seem to be pretty positive so I’ll let you know how I go on.