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How to win the lottery…

April 30, 2012

The odds of hitting the jackpot numbers are:

  • Powerball¬† 175,223,510
  • Megga Millions¬† 175,711,536

So basically, around one in 176 million for either lottery.

So how do you guarantee that you win?

Dead easy, you simply buy one ticket for each combination of numbers, so that’s around 176 millions tickets which will cost you of course, about the same amount in dollars.

This might seem ‘expensive’!

But consider this, since you have one ticket for every combination you must win, there’s basically no way you cannot win unless I am missing something. In addition, your 176 million goes into the pot so you are going to get back a good portion of it anyway.

The thing is though, that if the jackpot gets to be around 500 million, and given your ‘contribution’ there’s no reason why it won’t, then even if you take the cash and only get around half the total, you’ve still come out ahead.

The only problems I can see with this is:

  • Multiple winners. You need to make sure that the prize is sufficient to still cover your ‘bet’ in the event of multiple winners (let’s say 3) which means that the opportunity for this sort of play is going to be pretty rare.
  • Lottery places only take cash for tickets. I have visions of someone turning up a gas station with 176 million in cash and asking for 176 million tickets. I’m not even sure they could print 176 million tickets in time, even given three or four days between drawings (strange, the printer has run out of paper/ink/caught fire again!).
  • You’re going to get writers cramp filling in all the ticket forms to say what numbers you want!

Still, in ‘theory’ it’s a fool proof plan (we all know how those turn out). All I need now is 176 million, anyone wanna stake me?



January 5, 2011

Two people shared the three hundred and something million prize on the mega millions lottery last night.

I wasn’t one of them!

Still, imagine the disappointment of thinking you’d won 300 plus million, only to discover it was only 150 million.¬† I know I’d be devastated!

What are the chances…

January 15, 2009

That I’d spend twenty bucks on lottery tickets (well the powerball is up to 140 million) and all I’d win is $3 because I got the powerball on one of my lines.

Pretty high apparently!

Oh well, no one won so it’s up to 160 million for next time. Should I waste a few more dollars for the chance to win.

Hey, you can always dream!