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T’is the season…

December 24, 2013



My Christmas Poem…

December 24, 2011

The time has come,
It’s almost here,
So slow down now,
Feel Christmas cheer.

No need to rush,
No need to shop,
We’ve got enough,
It’s time to stop.

It’s Christmas time,
A time of joy,
When we celebrate,
A special boy.

Sent to us,
In time of need,
To show us all,
No need for greed.

So take this time,
To give thanks and say,
“Thank you Lord”
On this special day.

Oh Deer…

December 23, 2011

Seen today in the woods surrounding a home…

A sleigh with one of those target reindeer (the kind used for archery ‘practice’) ‘pulling’ it.

But all that silliness aside, Merry Christmas one and all…