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Gun Follies 2…

January 3, 2017

So just to be sure, picked up the phone today and spoke with someone about my concerns about the spring. Turns out there is one but it’s on back order (that’s what he told me anyway). Anyway he ordered the part then I asked him to check my other order from the chat session yesterday. Seems that order includes the screw, spring (the one they said did not exist) and even the elevation plate.

I also contacted them via Facebook and the response on there was that the orders I have include everything I need and that I ‘should’ be good to go. I remain skeptical but hopeful that all the parts I need will show up soon and that I’ll be able to get the sights fixed and get back on the range.

I will admit that they have been very responsive, even on the first day back at work after the new year so we shall see how well this all works out.


Gun Follies…

January 2, 2017

After many (MANY) years of being, if not anti gun, at least not totally for them, I finally exercised my 2nd amendment rights and bought a small pistol. After much time spent online reading reviews and watching videos, I settled on a Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact, just for fun at the range.

For my needs, it’s great and I don’t regret buying it at all. However (you knew there would be an ‘however’) didn’t you!) second time out at the range the rear sight elevation screw dropped out and disappeared off somewhere, probably in front of the firing line but I never found it. I only noticed it was missing when I suddenly found my self shooting six inches low and while I am no marksman by any stretch, I am not THAT bad either!

Of course this was New Years day so no possibility of doing anything and that was the end of my session for the day which sorta sucked!

Now from what I can recall (you never look at these things in detail until it goes wrong) the rear sight sort of sprung up against the adjustment screw so I assumed I had lost the screw AND a small spring from under the sight that pushed it up against the adjustment screw. Went to the gun store today and of course they don’t have parts so they can either order them from S&W or send the gun in (with I am told, a five to six week turn around time currently) or I can get the parts from somewhere like Brownells and the gun shop will install them, maybe take 10 minutes.

Latter option seems best so I toddle back home and go online. Cannot find the parts at all online and of course, being Jan 2nd and still really New Years day, cannot chat with anyone so I tried S&W web site. I was in the middle of composing an e-mail when I thought to try chat ‘just for the heck of it’ and was pleasantly surprised to get a response. So I explained the situation and could I get the screw and spring. Was then told that there is no spring, just the screw and a rivet and that if I need just the screw they would send me one, no charge but the rivet was a factory install option only.

Now I cannot see at all how not having some sort of spring under there to force the rear site upwards works but I went with the flow and asked them to send me the screw and I’d see if that was enough to fix the issue.

If it does not, then the gun will have to go off to S&W with that five to six week turn around time!

So it’s picture time….

This is what it should look like:


And this is mine (sans screw):


The rear site is now just floppy and lose and just sits anywhere between up:


And down:


This is how the inside of the slide should look with the screw just poking through (no sign of any rivet):


And this is mine now: