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My Wife, my hero

November 28, 2009

If you’ve never been on the wrong end of dealing with my wife, consider yourself lucky. Today we went shopping for a new washer and dryer. The store (think orange aprons) had what we wanted at a special offer price, but could not deliver it until the end of January and she’s not sure the current washer will last. They had another washer and dryer (same manufacturer) that was also on offer and could be delivered earlier but each unit was another two hundred dollars more than the price of the ones we wanted, meaning we’d be out an additional four hundred bucks.

So she says, can they they do us a deal if we go with the more expensive units (that are really a bit more feature wise than we really need) in order to get an earlier delivery? Our guy goes to talk to the manager and comes back with a pretty much ‘no’ and an attitude that says take it or leave it (in this economy!).

We leave. We are not happy. My wife is very very not happy.

When we get home she phones the store and talks to the manager directly (our mistake in the store was not doing that). Seems something got lost in translation and now he met us half way on the difference.

So in the end we (well, she!) got two thousand dollars worth of appliances for twelve hundred dollars. They got a sale and we are happy.

Now you know why I always lose the arguments!



December 24, 2008

If something is advertised as Buy one, get one free and I walk out of the store with ONE of those without paying for it, am I stealing or is it the free one?

If ‘m stealing then how is it free if I buy one? Can you have something that is free conditionally?