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8 Hours

March 15, 2009

We went to the beach this weekend and left the kid alone at home for the first time.
So when we got home we asked him what time he went to bed last night (Sat).

4:30 AM ! Playing games on the computer.

But then he says “but I still got 8 hours sleep”.

No wonder the dog is looking at us as if to say “thank god you’ve come back!”.


Not a good sign…

January 27, 2009

‘She’ has put an extra blanket on the couch for me ‘just in case’.

Another sleepless night?

Between a Rock and …

January 27, 2009

Well, actually it was between the Wife snoring her head off last night at 3 AM and the dog whining in the kitchen.
Gave up in the end, let the dog out of the kitchen and kipped on the couch.

Peace at last!