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Zombies and the IRS…

February 6, 2012

Having just tried (and failed) to understand IRS publication 536  and form 1045 (look them up if you really want to know but I don’t advise it!) I have decided that the IRS is staffed and run by zombie tax accountants who, unable to eat actual brains, satisfy their desires by turning ours into mush as we try to understand and follow their infernal ‘guides’!


That ‘ain’t fair…

April 4, 2011

Here in good ol’ North Carolina we have to buy our liquor from government approved and run stores. Since they are a monopoly they can charge stupid prices (and they do) for booze which just means more money in the government’s coffers (god help them if we all suddenly gave up all sins like smoking and booze!).

But what really, REALLY irks me is that they then have the balls to charge me SALES TAX as well! And since the price is already jacked up, they get to take even more $ out of my pocket.

When times are tough…

June 15, 2009

When times are tough, a bit like they are now, in fact a LOT like they are now and you have a business then you do everything you can to encourage your customers to spend their money with you. Oft times that means lowering your prices, maybe even loosing a bit on some things in order to make money on other things.

The same is true when you have a rental property, you drop your prices to encourage people to stay with you.

Unfortunately the city of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has not heard of this principle. In fact they seem to have adopted the principle of “let’s screw everyone who stays here’” by increasing the ‘hospitality’ tax (how can you tax hospitality anyway?) to 13%.

Now they don’t send you a bill when you stay in MB, oh no. The poor sucker landlord has to collect it from you (i.e. me!). but of course you don’t want to pay any more which means that either I have to loose your business or I have to pay that extra bit of tax for you out of my pocket.

So, just like the airlines it’s a case of let’s gouge the customer and personally, when MB goes belly up because no one wants to stay there because it’s too expensive, I for one will not shed a single tear for them.

To paraphrase Mel Brookes in “History of the World, part something or other”, “It’s good to be the King (or in this case, the government)”.