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All is not always as it seems….

December 21, 2011

I received an email the other day with a PDF file attached. I thought I recognized the sender (It was someone I had emailed ONCE about a million years ago) so foolishly I opened the PDF file. Acrobat reader said the file was corrupt and it was trying to rebuild it, or something along those lines. Anyway I cancelled what it was doing. Then I thought ‘hang on, maybe all is not as it seems’ so I found an online file scanning service here, uploaded the file and it came back reporting that it contained a virus called exploit.PDFka or something like that.

So then I opened the PDF file using a text editor and it contained a whole bunch of real strange javascript. Whatever the script was doing was not normal. So I researched the PDFka virus and it seems it tries to download other programs (trojans I guess) from somewhere or other and install them on your PC. However it seems it only works with earlier versions of the PDF reader.

I ran several virus scans with Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes and it all came back OK so I am pretty confident nothing got installed on my PC.

None the less, a pretty frightening experience. The last time I had a virus I ended up having to wipe the computer and reinstall everything to get rid of it.

The moral of the story. Keep your software up to date and run some sort of anti virus toolkit. I use Spybot S&D and Microsoft’s Security Essentials.


Bloody hackers…

January 25, 2011

Wife’s PC has a virus (again). Removal is not going well, I may have to wipe it and reinstall windoze. Another several hours of my life about to go down the toilet.

I hate computers!

Bad People

November 22, 2009

The kid’s computer has somehow gotten some sort of malware on it that keeps popping up different web sites and taking you to different places when you click on links.

I’ve spent a day trying to get rid of it and still no luck so it looks like I am going to have to wipe the computer and reinstall everything.

I really, and I mean REALLY, hate the people that do this sort of stuff. these are BAD people.