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Time to buy a Mac…?

March 20, 2013



Bloody hackers…

January 25, 2011

Wife’s PC has a virus (again). Removal is not going well, I may have to wipe it and reinstall windoze. Another several hours of my life about to go down the toilet.

I hate computers!

Dear Bill…

February 28, 2010

Once again your crappy operating system has fucked up my weekend! It is now almost midnight on Saturday night and I am in the middle of having to reinstall EVERYTHING again after wiping my PC AGAIN after Windoze screwed up and just stopped working, or at least half my software did. Pretty much anything to do with the network (pretty much everything these days) was dead and it’s not the network because the others in the house are fine.

As you can see, I got my network connectivity back. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that! Should you feel the need to compensate me for all the testing I have done for you on your crappy software, feel free to send me a check. Half a million should cover it (and I’m working cheap at that price).

In the meantime, my PC is about to reboot itself (AGAIN) as I try to install the patches to get it up to date so I shall bid you a fond farewell and good night.

Interesting iPhone Emulator and Dev platform

November 17, 2009

Windows Desktop on an iPod Touch (or iPhone)

May 12, 2009

Some things are a triumph of technology over common sense and this is definitely in that class, although I do have an ulterior motive that I’ll write about in a later post.

It’s actually remarkably easy to do. First, go to and download the free VNC server and install it on your windows box and configure it. For my initial testing I have not got any security but it’s all behind my firewall and on a separate laptop so it’s all pretty secure anyway.

Then go to the Ipod App store and install Mocha VNC Lite. The lite version is free. You can read about it here

Enter the IP address of you windows machine into mocha and hit connect and if you are lucky, you will see your windows desktop on you iPod screen.

You may have to tweak your firewall settings (if you have a firewall setup on your windows box) to let Mocha connect to to the windows machine but other than that it was all pretty straight forward.

Usability is not great and I cannot reduce the screen resolution on my laptop without the fonts going all screwy but I suspect it will be enough for my needs at this point. You can at least grow the desktop in the same way that you can with a web page on the iPod to make it more readable although you then end up having to scroll around the screen to see it all but like I said, I think this will be enough for my needs right now.

Here’s the beastie in action!


Cool huh!

Trying Windows Live Writer

April 10, 2009

I’ve noticed a few people at work using Windows Live Writer for their blog posts and to be honest I find the wordpress editing interface a bit slow at times which makes it annoying to use, especially the main editing page. That means I try to avoid having to edit anything and just use the quick publish panel whenever I can. All that Web two pointy oh stuff it loads I guess.

So I though I’d try this Live Writer Stuff. Reviews by users at work seem to be pretty positive so I’ll let you know how I go on.

Why I hate computers…

January 19, 2009

Well not so much woes as frustrating setbacks. One of the things people are always boasting about Linux is how you can run it on pretty much any old machine. I run a small web site from the Linux box under my desk and it runs pretty well. Up until yesterday the machine only had 256 Meg of RAM and still ran OK although using the graphical desktop was a bit frustrating but it was usable.

Now I’m no Linux guru and the Linux box is not my main machine so I, and probably a lot of the world, spend most of my time on Windoze. Hey it works OK most of the time and in general most things are pretty simple, at least when they work!

My policy with the Linux box is, if it ‘ain’t broken, don’t touch it! Well I decided I wanted to try Joomla. Turns out I need to install some mods to Apache but they are not in my current and somewhat old Linux install, so rather than try to figure out how install them and probably break all sort of things in the process I decided to upgrade to a newer Linux.

Now my Linux of choice is SUSE and I’m running 10.1 right now. Seems that since Novell bought SUSE the home version of Linux has been spun off into openSUSE. No problem, just down load it, burn a CD and off we go, right?

Well, not quite. First the download is 4.5 Gig! Took a while. Then I needed to burn it to a DVD (too big for a CD) but my current burning software couldn’t cope with a file that big so I installed the trial version of Nero. That then took an hour or so to install, I couldn’t believe how slow the install was.

So finally I end up with a DVD with the image on it. Great. Go to boot my Linux box from it today and it does not boot. Turns out my old crusty Linux box has a CD drive in it, not a DVD drive so it cannot read the DVD.

Great, so now I have to swap out the CD drive for a DVD drive before I can continue. I just hope it’s that simple but these things rarely are.

So, OK, I know it’s not really the fault of Linux that I’m having such fun but if it was easier to install those mods I need into my current system I wouldn’t be going through all of this anyway.

And even when I’m done, I don’t know if the new level of SUSE will have the modules I need on it or not so at the end of all this I may be no better off than I am now.

And that my friends is why most people in the world use Windows over Linux.


Mmmm. Just had a thought. I’ve got VmWare Player on my windows box. Maybe  I should set up a virtual Linux machine and install the openSUSE on that, just to see if this is all going to be worthwhile or not. I could even do a dummy upgrade from 10.1 to the 11.1 of the openSUSE to see it it will work first before I touch my real machine.