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And at the other end of the spectrum…

January 11, 2011

There is Delta Airlines. Yes I know I bitched about not being able to get through and the misleading phone message when everything was shut down because of the weather but you know what, they made up for it BIG TIME.

Not only were they helpful, friendly and understanding on the phone, the staff at the airport and on the planes themselves were equally helpful.
BUT, they then went above and beyond. Because my wife had spoken to them about the need for her trip (mother ill) after she got back to the US, a box arrived yesterday full of goodies (cookies, popcorn etc) along with a card that basically said “Hope your mother is OK and thanks for flying Delta”

How awesome is that. A company that actually cares.

I guess that is why Delta will get our business next time and Yamaha/Sam Ash won’t be getting mine!


And Failing…

January 7, 2011

Spoke to Paul Ash at Sam ash Music. Basically I got nowhere. He offered to take the keyboard back for a 20% restocking fee so I am looking at a $400 plus loss to return it. Essentially the attitude is still “you special ordered it, tough”. Sad because I was really hoping for something better than that from someone running a large company like that.

So my advice, NEVER special order anything from a store (any store)  without some sort of reasonable return policy. Much better to go online and get it from someone that has it in stock and has a return policy. Even if you have to pay shipping to return it, you are going to be better off.

As for supporting you local store (and this is not limited to music stores), unless they are really worth while helping out (and there are some out there that DO actually care about their customers) then personally I’d say, screw ’em. They really do deserve what they get. I feel sorry for the people that work there that will lose their jobs when the stores close but when a business does not give a shit about it’s customers, it’s time for them to go.

Oh, and in case you think I am misguided here. We rent property and our guests are our customers. We bend over backwards to ensure they are taken care of and are happy with us, even if on occasion it has resulted in us losing money on the deal. So I think I have ‘some’ idea of what customer service is about!

As for Sam Ash. Well there’s a Guitar Center over the road so I guess that will be my first stop from now on which is a shame because I really did like the guys in the store. The company is another matter but the guys are great, just doing the best job they can.  I might still buy a new PA from them but only if I can absolutely return it with NO restocking fee, otherwise I will go, try it then buy online and fuck ’em!


As for the keyboard itself. Well I guess I am stuck with it. I am however going to start my one man “Do not buy a Yamaha s90xs/s70xs” campaign. I can guarantee you that by the time I am done, Yamaha WILL know who the hell I am even if they still do nothing about the keyboard. And if I can save one poor sucker from buying this thing, my work here will be done!


January 6, 2011


I am trying to get the local Sam Ash store to take the S70xs keyboard back. Because it was special order, ‘policy’ says no returns but in life everything is negotiable and I am trying to contact someone at corporate to see if I can get this thing returned and get my money back.

If not, well I am stuck with it unless I sell it (at a loss).

So a  word of warning:

  • Do not special order stuff (from anywhere) if there’s even the slightest chance you will want to return it, get it online from somewhere with a return policy!
  • Do NOT buy a Yamaha s70xs (or s90xs which is the same keyboard internally). The problems outweigh the good stuff.

And if I have to live with this thing then I intend to start a one man ‘do not buy this thing’ onslaught until Yamaha does something about the issues this keyboard has. Car manufacturers have recalls, beats me why Yamaha cannot do the ‘right thing’ here since I cannot afford to waste my money like this.

New toy…

December 15, 2010

Christmas came early yesterday when I picked up my new keyboard.

Now all I gotta do is figure out all the bells and whistles on it. Nice to play though.

I’ve been after a new keyboard for a while as my old one is dying. After much research and trying different keyboards I came across an S90Xs at the local music store. Whilst the 90 is nice it’s much too big physically to take on the road unless you have a ‘crew’ (and I don’t!) so I settled on the somewhat more manageable 76 key s70xs instead.

After a quick play last night after taking it out of the box, I am not regretting that decision. I think this is going to be perfect. Great sound too.