DIY Pedal Board…

I now have enough pedals, effects and foot switches to justify the need for a pedal board to house them all and reduce the clutter and tangle of wires.

While a commercial pedal board would be nice, they do seem to be very expensive ($100 plus) for what they are which is mainly some metal welded together. Add in an isolated power supply which, since my vocal unit needs 12v, is doubly expensive and I was looking at way too much money for what is basically a cable organizer.

So, being the cheapskate that I am, I built my own. A length of 3×1 pine, a 2 foot x 2 foot x 1/4 inch piece of plywood, a power strip, a chassis power socket I had lying around from another project, some knock in screw inserts and some screws and washers,some Velcro and a couple of hours with the drill and saw and voila:






Since I already had a bunch of isolated power supplies (the wall warts) for each pedal I just plugged them into the power strip that is mounted to the rear wall of the housing. I had to use a small three inch extension to allow one to fit but it works fine. Originally I just fed the lead from the power strip out the side of the box but then I remembered I had a chassis connector lying around so I dug it out, cut a hole in the side of the box, cut the cord and soldered the wires to the connecter and shrink wrapped each wire/connector joint for safety then wrapped it all in some electrical tape.

Since the power strip is actually a surge protector as well it has a switch on it so to avoid having to take the top off to reset it if it tripped I just cut a small hole in the top board above where it sits so that I can reach down and reset it. One of the power leads also comes up through there. I also drilled a couple of other holes for the other leads and for a little cooling.

The top board is held in place by four screws that go into knock-in screw inserts in the side rails so it takes all of a 15 seconds to remove the top with a battery powered drill/screwdriver bit.

The only downside to my layout currently is that I like to use the three button switch for the loop pedal but it seems like it’s almost impossible to get a short (12 inch or so) stereo patch cable with right angle plugs so for now I am using a regular (and somewhat long) cable with the excess stuffed inside the board which means my pedals are not quite where I want them. I have ordered some right angle plugs and a short microphone cable (because it seems you cannot buy just a foot of microphone cable!) that I will cut up to make a patch cable of the correct size. It won’t really make that much difference to the layout but it will just be neater and satisfy my need to ‘do it right’




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